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Sewing machine repairs in Noble Park

At Perfect Sew Services Pty Ltd in Noble Park, we deliver a wide range of quality sewing services to our loyal customers. From custom-made garments to sewing machine repairs, our years of experience mean we can provide excellent workmanship and a friendly, reliable service every time.

See below for a full list of our services, or call us on 0411 554 571.


  • Repairs to all domestic knitting machines.
  • Repairs to all domestic sewing machines.
  • Repairs to all domestic overlockers.
  • Repairs to boiler irons and ironing presses where parts are available.
  • Clothing made to measurement by appointment.
  • Spare parts large range of new and second hand parts for old and new machines.
  • Our Maxisew Data Ezi parts database is now ready for use by mechanics, dealers and the public.
Expert repairing the sewing machine

Maxisew Data Ezi parts database

I have developed this database over more than fourteen years. I have matched part numbers to models, brands, and descriptions because I found that many parts are interchangeable with other models and brands and part numbers were changed but the part was still the same.

The database allows you to call up a part number if you have the part number, and the result will give you a list of all models and brands listed that use the part.

If you do not have the part number, you can call up the model number and get a list of parts for the model along with the part number and description. If you call up a key word for example, bobbin case, you will get a return showing all bobbin cases in the data base along with part numbers, models and brands.

The database is designed to cross reference model numbers part numbers and brands, there is also a code in place which will allow you to find a part for a particular model in seconds without the use of a part number. This feature is ongoing as there is 140,000 lines of information in the data base at this time and the addition of this feature means a correction to every entry in the data base.
PERFECTSEW Wash Away Fabric Stabilizer and Needle Threader now distributed by Maxisew Data Ezi.
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